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& GOOD COMPANY is the property of thinkbox strategies…we see opportunities differently.


Established in 2005 by Sara Fiedelholtz, thinkbox strategies is a creative strategy firm designed to think creatively but act strategically.


Fiedelholtz’s ability to mix magic and logic has afforded thinkbox strategies with the opportunity to work with not only major national and international media companies, but also with corporations and organizations in a wide range of industry sectors including: consumer goods, city governments, non-profits, healthcare, tourism and real estate development.


With the ability to look at an organization from multiple viewpoints and effectively communicate, thinkbox strategies uses storytelling and content management to enable growth and expansion through innovative endeavors and initiatives that maximize both potential and opportunity.


Fiedelholtz and her team at thinkbox strategies…we see opportunities differently understands narratives when it comes to establishing effective and cohesive branding, marketing and growth strategies. The answers may change, but the questions remain the same. The key is knowing which questions to ask and what to do with the answers.


thinkbox strategies…we see opportunities differently asks the questions creatively BUT navigates the answers strategically.





creative strategist

call/text: 847.736.1387

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